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HM Network’s founding members and Directors Chris Hunter and Martin McAleer, have been working together for over a decade now.

Originally working as ICT Data Specialists supporting a large team of account managers at Dabs.com, which later became BT Business Direct, they were integral members of the team who helped their clients get much more from their connectivity, working with a diverse range of organisations from startups to SME, education and government, major corporations and international clients.

At the turn of the last decade there was a huge shift in the way businesses connected. Openreach’s Next Generation “21st Century Network” (21CN) was starting to roll out, Chris, Martin and team helped ease the headaches of countless IT managers, FD’s and major organisations by assisting the switch from slow ADSL broadband, or old and expensive leased lines, to the newly emerging Ethernet based connectivity service enabling customers to do much more with connectivity.

Following a number of successful years at BT in 2013 Chris and Martin left BT to embark on a new chapter in their lives and HM Network was born. This gave them an opportunity to expand on their experiences and expertise.

They still work very closely with BT via the Specialist Partner channel, but were also able to form new strategic partnerships and bring in additional products, services and alternative carriers to their already tried and tested connectivity portfolio.

HM Networks SMi-Fi division was set up to help organisations implement both corporate grade enterprise Wi-Fi, and safe and secure guest Wi-Fi for the retail and leisure industry, with the ability to integrate with a businesses social channels.

As HM Network have grown we always strive to help our clients push boundaries and do more with their connectivity. We help you realise your potential and help you increase productivity.

We support migrations from traditional PSTN and ISDN to hosted telephony. We provide Ultrafast / big bandwidth resilient network connectivity to organisations where downtime is not an option.

HM Network help businesses collect, process, store and move data. We realised around the time that GDPR was looming that there was a severe knowledge gap, especially with micro and SME sized businesses.

In 2017 we started a series of #GDPRexpress events around the North of England, where we brought in guest speakers, solicitors, data privacy practitioners, ethical hackers and cyber security specialists to highlight why the GDPR was being brought in and demonstrating the need for change.

The success of the initial events found we were being asked to take the sessions on tour and present at colleges, universities, digital agencies, council offices, business parks, and we saw over 1000 businesses in attendance.

This led to HM Network setting up the DP Clinic which has it’s own mini site www.dpclinic.co.uk. The clinic offers a triage service where we can help businesses raise awareness, get training, support and expertise to assist with compliance management, data privacy, data protection, cyber security and more.

As well as the traditional providers we have also expanded to work with non Openreach fibre services, which are especially welcomed in areas BT may have “overlooked”.

We provide Connectivity, Network Monitoring, Data Privacy and Cyber Security solutions to businesses across the board large or small.

HM Network is here to help you Connect, Detect and Protect.

Contact us to see how we can help you do more with connectivity and help with your compliance.

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