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On 30th May 2019 HM Network once again gained our Cyber Essentials Plus certification. So what does CE+ mean? It demonstrates that your organisation is security conscious. It shows you value the importance of taking measures to secure your customers data.

Being Cyber Essential certified gives assurance to your customers as you are in compliance with a Government Recognised level of information security. Cyber Essentials helps implement basic, yet crucial information security measures within your organisation.

If you click on the image above where it shows our own certification, you will be redirected to the register where you can check to see if businesses you work with are registered.

So why gain accreditation?

  • Demonstrate to customers your commitment to security
  • Defend your organisations critical data against prevalent cyber threats
  • Ensure you company retains a sound reputation
  • Enable your organisation to bid for Government contracts

We work with a number of Cyber Essentials certification body, and together we will help you achieve certification quickly and efficiently.

Please contact us at HM Network to discuss your needs.

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