Cloud Telephony – time to ditch the traditional landlines?

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Once upon a time, a telephone line was something that was tied to a particular property, at a location and to a specific telephone exchange. If you needed more than one user you would most likely need either multiple lines orĀ  ISDN and an expensive telephone system installed on your premises. Openreach have stated that by December 2025, the traditional … Read More

Hello Support? Why is this App not working?…

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From time to time we get calls from clients asking why certain applications are not working properly, or perhaps they cannot get onto a cloud based SAAS they rely on. In some cases, it is not the clients internet connection that is the problem, but the issue lies at the other end, in a data centre or at the application … Read More

30 Ways To Win Without Winging It – Tips & Tricks For Startup Businesses

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Although we offer customers a choice of carriers, it is hard to deny that Plusnet have a very strong value product especially ideal for young and budget concious enterprises. Not only do they offer great value broadband and fibre broadband, like us, they also care about startups and want to help fledgeling businesses not only get off the ground but … Read More

Telecommuting on the rise

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Employers and employees across the world are embracing telecommuting as an integral aspect of workplace dynamics. With a greater understanding of the needs of work/life balance and improvements in connectivity, companies are opening up to the fact that telecommuting can help drive growth and profitability. The days of bosses expecting staff to be tied to their desks from 9 til … Read More