Insight into your network’s performance

Would you drive a car without a dashboard? Not being able to see how fast you are going, how much fuel you have left and if there are are warning lights flashing could land you in trouble.

Do you have a network monitoring service in place? The vast majority of companies in the UK have their broadband/leased lines installed and then trust that they are getting what they paid for, and struggle to diagnose things if they introduce new services to their network that might have a knock on effect and make other aspects go wrong. Do you even know if your current connection meets it’s SLAs – it may be that you are entitled to service credits where your agreement levels haven’t been met and you don’t even realise it.

Why use monitoring

As we hinted earlier,  it’s a bit like buying a car and not have a dashboard to understand what is going on, or not having a car diagnostic system in place. A mechanic might eventually find out what is wrong but it could take so much more time to fault find and get you back on the road than if he could simply plug in, look up and diagnose the fault codes. From a drivers perspective, how do you know how much fuel you are using, when you need to do a pitstop at the garage, how fast are you going … is there anything wrong with the engine? You just wouldn’t do it would you! But this is exactly what most companies do when they set up their connectivity.
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We don’t view these types of analytics as an optional extra, we think they should be adopted as a de facto standard, just like your cars dashboard. If you don’t already get them included with your service – maybe you should think about investing a little bit of money and getting some. They needn’t be expensive and can save you time and money chasing ghosts should anything start acting up.

Most customers have no idea what their providers SLAs are, what is causing them down time and where there are potential danger areas within their network. With the monitoring service available from HM Network you gain insights into your current connectivity health and usage within each of your companies locations and essential applications. With views to suit almost anyone in your organisation from the FD to IT staff, Highlight makes network monitoring a breeze.

Monitoring is easy to put in place and if you are considering upgrading your connectivity then monitoring for a period before making any changes allows you to see exactly what your systems are doing at the moment. Ideally we recommend monitoring is put in place for at least 3 months to give you a clearer picture that isn’t skewed by seasonal activity. This will help you make the right decision for future connectivity purchases

Highlight really is user friendly, the dashboard summarises information pictorially for easy review, highlighting areas that need looking at … and then you can select ‘problem areas’ and drill down for more in-depth analysis. Monitoring covers not just your connectivity but also your VOIP and splits information down into different servers and connections to indicate how they are performing.

Quite often companies think they need to upgrade all their connectivity and are shocked when they put monitoring in place to see that actually only one small section of their connectivity needs upgrading or sometimes just tweaking.

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