What do you do when your hardware breaks or reaches the end of it’s life? Sell it? Give it away? Take it to the tip? Have you considered that equipment (whether working or not) is very likely to contain a lot data: this could be personal information, financial data, maybe even sensitive records. You might have the best network security in the world but you could be risking big fines, data privacy breaches and potential security issues if data from your kit gets compromised.

Make sure you recycle / destroy old equipment in the correct way using a reputable company who can provide you with an audit trail of what happens to it after it leaves your premises. We work with LCWS who can provide legally compliant recycling services for all your IT hardware often without a charge to you. Take a look at their site at and be sure to mention HM Network or the GDPRexpress, or contact HM Network and we will arrange an introduction.

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