How do you go about tracking what consent and permissions you have on the data you hold? From speaking to many businesses this past year, HM Network know that this is going to be a major headache especially for marketing departments. As as result we have partnered with MyLifeDigital to bring you Consentric. A platform that can manage data across multiple silo’s in one place, with versions available that can also provide clients with a login panel to update their own preferences.




The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) enforcement date is just around the corner in May 2018. The new laws bring with them a host of opportunities for organisations to re-engage with their customers and strengthen consumer trust which has been at an all-time low.

 GDPR demonstrates that control of customer’s personal data must be given back to them. That they can easily see, change and withdraw elements or all of the data you hold about them and grant you the permission to use it for specific processing justifications.

 Organisations will need to take an ethical standpoint to introduce best practice across the business and follow the GDPR principles to:

  • be accountable for the data they hold,
  • empower consumers to take control,
  • be transparent about how they use data.

Businesses that do, will reap the benefits of a trusting database of loyal consumers and protect their brand reputation.

Consentric Permissions, powered by MyLife Digital, is a software solution to help you establish a single source of truth for permissions. It can be integrated across the existing CRM’s Campaign Management Tools, ESPs and other systems within your organisation to allow you a follow a full audit trail with critical supporting detail and consent receipt generator.

 With an own branded customer self-serve portal and a contact centre portal you can ensure all customers have the ability to manage their permissions to improve personal data governance and accountability.

 “This could help your organisation on your journey towards GDPR compliance and give you a competitive advantage.”

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Download the PDF here: Consentric-Permissions-Product-Overview-Oct17 (HM)