E Learning – Cyber Security & Data Protection
With GDPR, Data Protection and Cyber Security being hot on the agenda, training staff is vital to minimise risk of data breaches. The majority of data breaches are down to staff, whether accidental, malicious or from not following protocol. Everyone makes mistakes now and then but educating staff to “think” before they “do” could really help you lower the risk of suffering a data breach.

Available to all
From doing our #GDPRexpress events we have seen a lot of businesses of all shapes and sizes and from a lot of different sectors. It is clear that people need guidance and are looking for help. Whether you operate as a sole trader or work in a large organisation, training and evidence of training will play an important part of the General Data Protection Regulation. If you think that training staff is costly and takes them away from what they are supposed to be doing then we might just have the answer.

Training at your own desk – or device.
Bobs Business is a suite of video based E learning, that shows a fictitious organisation going thorough a variety of data protection and cyber related scenarios. The modules can be completed by watching animated video clips or reading guidance PDF’s and then taking part in a quiz to test your knowledge. With it being web based you can conveniently do them at your desk, or your a tablet or smartphone.

It makes learning fun and can be done in easy to digest bitesize chunks. No one likes being lectured at, but you can allocate a module a day or every week or even get them all done in one sitting if your have a few hours free – and quickly get up to speed about being Cyber Savvy, and more importantly be able to evidence that training has been provided.

Quality training without breaking the bank.
Pricing is very cost effective so it accessible for everyone no matter what your business does. A typical small business of up to 10 people can get a comprehensive course of training for around £59 per user year, with volume discounts available for larger numbers.

The portal can be tailored to include your own policies, can be custom branded to fit your colour schemes and can feature your own logos. Having completed the course ourselves we can vouch for the quality of the training. The videos and music are memorable, and the messages hit home without it being boring. This system is used by businesses across the board including a number of councils.

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