Superfast vs Ethernet

Which suits your business best?

Different technologies provide different capabilities, different levels of service, throughput, SLA guarantees and something very important to many businesses – £cost. So what is best suited to your business? Because we work with a number of carriers we can take a look at what is best suited to your needs and help you make the right decision.

Confused by the many services and packages?

Take a look at this video or call us and we can explain.

How a fast internet connection can help your business:

Video conferencing

Meet with suppliers and customers worldwide

Use consumer video conferencing applications to talk face-to-face for less – without the buffering – or meet with business associates around the globe using more sophisticated video conference platforms.

Cut travel and costs

Work more efficiently and effectively

Enhanced desk based communications could help you travel less, save money, maintain business relationships and win new customers wherever they are located.

Cloud computing

Pay only for what you use

Cloud computing offers big benefits for small businesses. It is cost-effective; you simply pay on a per user basis, and only for what you need. Security and upgrades are no longer an issue, and data is accessible from anywhere.

Shared workspaces

Online collaboration made easy

Cloud platforms mean multiple users can share a secure workspace and collaborate on projects from any location.

Hosted applications

Cut software licensing costs

Host more applications in the cloud to reduce expensive software licenses and installation times.

Online data storage

Ditch the big black boxes

With fibre broadband you can quickly back-up your data remotely, ensuring peace of mind and secure, easy retrieval of documents from any location.

Reach new markets

Sell online and expand your business

A faster and more reliable internet connection for your own website could improve the online experience for your customers. Enhanced communication also lifts geographic restrictions that may otherwise limit you from reaching out to new customers across the world.

Work from home

Compete with the big boys

Fibre broadband is for homes too, offering access to the business networks and the cloud from wherever that may be! It’s a cost-effective way of improving the flexibility and work/life balance of your workforce, and could help you recruit the best people too.

Be more agile

Keep up with new demands and trends

Gone are the days of overnight downloads of large video, graphic or presentation files. With fibre broadband, transfers are much quicker; saving you time, lowering your energy bills and connecting you with new, established and potential customers more efficiently, allowing you to position your business as an expert using blogs and videos.

So which is best for me?

A super fast broadband like BT Infinity for example provides huge improvements on speed compared to standard ADSL, more upload and download,  however a dedicated Ethernet service like a BTnet provides rock solid around the clock bandwidth that is all yours all the time – and money back guarantees if it fails. More suited to an education customer or business where downtime is simply not an option.