Over The Air

Do you need connectivity in a location where fixed line technology simply cannot reach? Have you outgrown your broadband but been let down by the fibre broadband rollout? Maybe you have been presented with huge excess construction charges with in the past which meant your planned upgrade was a no go? Contact us to see if we can help. We can assist with all manner of connectivity including hard to reach places and internet “not spots”.  We can provide contended and un-contended services:  3G, 4G, Satellite, Microwave, Wireless broadband, Wireless 1:1 leased lines up to Gigabit speeds (subject to location and availability). Please contact us to discuss your needs.

Short Term Hire

3G/4G and Satellite broadband services are also available to rent. You can rent by the hour, by the day or by the week, even by the month including WiFi access points or our Social WiFi hotspots, incorporating Facebook/Twitter/Instagram & Linkedin integration.

If you want really serious bandwidth, we can even provide you with un-contended broadcast quality, services linked back clear of the internet straight into your corporate data-centre. Single satellite internet packages can provide 20 Mb download, 6 Mbps upload this means real fast broadband connectivity is available pretty much anywhere in UK, even if there is no fixed line infrastructure nearby.

Need more speed? No problem, we can deliver a number of satellite systems and bond them together to give you more throughput.

Please call 0333 344 4190 or email  info@hm-network.com and our specialists will be only too happy to help.


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