Fibre Broadband

Don’t let broadband limit your capability

Business is all about communication, so why would you want to constrain it? Your broadband connection could make or break your business. Fibre broadband will open doors to new opportunities, new ways of connecting with customers – and potential customers – and it’ll be able to cope easily as your business needs develop and grow.

Imagine being able to host lots of people – colleagues, clients or partners – on real-time video calls. Use shared online workspaces to take collaborative working to a whole new level. Take advantage of hosted applications to reduce software and licensing costs.

Super fast fibre broadband is a game changer for business and consumers alike. These days our work lives and leisure time demands fast internet access to deliver feature rich content to computers, smartphones, tablets and our connected world. If you are a small business or home worker, Super-fast Fibre Access sometimes referred to as FTTC, FTTP, SFFB is about everything you’ll need and want to do online in the future. In fact, it is the future… With coverage increasing every day, call or email to see if your business can take advantage of super fast speeds.
Business broadband with ooomph

If you work in a small office and your existing broadband is slowing you down you should really see if Super fast broadband is available to you. Spend less time waiting for pages to load, emails to send and making a coffee while your network catches up. Do more in less time and be more productive.

Running a business from home

You’re already competitive because you don’t have the overheads of your larger rivals. Thanks to Super-fast Fibre Access, you’ll also be able to look and act as professionally as them, by taking advantage of:

  • Collaborative working with clients through online file sharing and realistic HD video conferencing
  • Hosted business applications to reduce costs compared to purchasing software outright
  • A combination of hosted applications and online data storage to reduce the cost of computer hardware

Working from home

Super-fast Fibre Access will, for the first time, allow home-based staff to access exactly the same information and applications as they do at the office. And they’ll be able to do so just as quickly as they do now, if not more so. They’ll also be able to work collaboratively:

Sharing files online with colleagues and customers alike
Taking advantage of 3D/HD video conferencing for totally realistic and therefore even more effective interactions with colleagues,customers and suppliers
Running a business from dedicated premises.

Imagine a communications environment where you’ll be able to do everything you do today, but faster and even more effectively and efficiently. For example, you’ll be able to enhance the buying and selling experience, optimise your administrative processes and save money; as well as take advantage of the real power of information for the very first time:

Consider the added reality, vitality and faster decision making enabled by 3D/HD video conferencing
Shared online workspaces and online file sharing will bring new meaning to the term collaborative working
You’ll be able to take advantage of a growing raft of hosted applications – from Customer Relationship Management and transaction processing; to sales force, HR, expenses, website and inventory management.You might decide to collate information from several sources – such as voice, email and Instant Messenger – analyse it and automatically send it to individuals and teams who you know will find it of value.

Contact us to see if you can take advantage of Superfast Fibre broadband today!