Dedicated Internet

Guaranteed Speed

When ‘up to’ speeds just won’t do, or you need guarantees around the clock a dedicated connection is highly recommended. With bandwidth available from 2Mbps to a lightening fast 1Gbps on Ethernet and even as fast as 10Gbps we have you covered.

Reliable 1:1 un-contended symmetrical Internet connectivity, with guaranteed bandwidth just for your sole use.

A leased line offers rock solid connectivity and is suitable for education, SME, Corporations, service providers… in fact any operation who absolutely relies on the internet.

Dedicated Internet

Why share bandwidth with other businesses if you can have guaranteed bandwidth that is all yours on demand 24/7/365.

Pricing is bespoke depending on speed, technology and location. Fibre and Ethernet in the First Mile (EFM) options available to most of the UK.

For wireless leased lines please see our Over The Air section.

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  • 2Mbps to 10Gbps

  • Uncontended

  • Leased Line

  • Ethernet

  • EFM

  • EAD

  • GEA