Calls, Lines & Voice

We offer a range of services, carriers and technologies when it comes to calls, lines and voice services. Take a look at below to see how we can help, whether you need a temporary telephone number on a building site, or a company wide telephony system.


Traditional copper telephone lines are often referred to as PSTN. These can be used to make voice and fax calls on with a single number. PSTN lines are also needed to deliver ADSL and FTTC broadband services.


ISDN stands for Integrated Services Digital Network and comes in 2 flavours. Copper ISDN2e lines are used for voice and data communications and start from 2 channels (lines) per ISDN pair. You can add further connections (in pairs) up to 8 channels which increases the number of simultaneous connections and or available bandwidth. Call quality with an ISDN2 line will nearly always be clearer and sharper than a standard phone line too.


ISDN connections are, in effect, digital exchange lines. They allow the digital transmission of voice and data over ordinary copper telephone wires, bringing better voice quality and quicker data transfer speeds.
Often used by SME or large business customers, ISDN30e allows you to create and launch your own-branded digital telephone services. It provides access and support calls, including calls over the networks of other communications providers. ISDN30e can provide up to 30 x 64k channels. Normally delivered over an E1 fibre connection but copper available also.

VOIP / SIP / Future Voice

We also work with a number of virtual phone line options which can run over the internet or private circuit connections. Voice Over IP and Session Initiated Protocol are phrases you may hear when people refer to these types of service. Whether run over the public internet, or over private networks allowing Class Of Service, we can provide a range of versatile “Future Voice” services from a range of carriers. Ideal for businesses who want to add lines to suit seasonal change in business, if growing rapidly, landline numbers to mobile, to provide out of area numbering (any dial code to any location) or people who need a temporary line for a project perhaps.

Phone Systems

Is your existing system getting a little tired? Do you want to bring your business into the 21t Century with a system that can link to your CRM and business systems? We can evaluate your needs, run a system audit if required and advise the best way to go moving forward. With new and pre loved systems available please ask a specialist how we can assist.

Please call 0333 344 4190 or email and our specialists will be only too happy to help.


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