Clinic Sessions to help with

If ever you have been to A&E you will be aware of the way a “triage” service works.  You see a specialist who will ask you various questions and perform a high level assessment of your issue.

Depending what is discussed, that specialist might then book you in with a consultant and ultimately maybe even a course of treatment or physiotherapy.

HM Network offer a similar triage typer service when it comes to connectivity.  If you have internet woes, intersite ailments, telephony trouble… we can have a chat with you on the phone, schedule a video call or arrange a site visit to discuss your needs.

HM Network will listen to your current gripes and want to know how this effects your business.

By listening to your issues, it helps us get an understanding of where your current connectivity lets you down so that we can help, whether connecting to the internet, other sites or to customers.

Lets talk
We discuss the technology options available to you based on location, capability and budget. It is important to note that the services on offer can differ quite substantially, so we need to ensure that the services you go for are best suited to your needs and situation.

Connect – Detect – Protect with GDPR & Cyber
In addition to our HM Network connectivity arm, we also operate the DP Clinc which was born out of our GDPRexpress events. A one stop shop for your Data Privacy / Data Protection, Cyber Security and Compliance needs.

Through our own internal expertise and extended network of specialist partners, HM can help with all manner of Cyber Security and GDPR related issues too, including assessments, training, process management and more. Please contact us for more details.

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