Security: Are you in Control?

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In 2015 the British internet and communications provider Talk Talk suffered one of the biggest security breaches on record in the UK. The financial details of thousands of customers, which included credit card details and bank account numbers, had been taken, all of which could be used to instigate further cyber-crimes. Cyber Attacks on SMEs That such a large household … Read More

Friendly WiFi provider

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HM Network and SM-Fi, our Wireless division, are proud to be members of the Friendly WiFi Scheme. This means that we are helping public places, schools, cafe’s, leisure centres and many more places where families or children use WiFi, provide a safe a secure internet experience reducing the risk of internet nasties being seen by young eyes. This scheme … Read More

Connectivity: What could possibly go wrong?

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Such is our reliance on the internet for business these days that when we lose connection it can feel like losing a limb. The frustration in the office can be palpable, and it always seems to happen when you need it most. When it comes to connectivity things can go wrong. Clearly the more you pay for your service the … Read More

Trusted Advisors to help YOU

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Having worked in this industry for a number of years, and experienced it from both sides, we know annoying it can be go get a cold call from someone trying to landscape your business, translated as “sell you this, that and what about the other”… It led us to create a place where businesses could go to get advice about … Read More