Cloud : Google G Suite

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Google’s G Suite is a cloud-based productivity suite that includes: Gmail for professional email, Drive for online storage, Hangouts for video meetings, Calendar for scheduling and We especially like how easy it is to get things done and work with others from any location, using any device. We have also found G Suite to be highly cost-effective.

Is your network fit and healthy?

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As a business do you have network health or connection monitoring services in place? You see lots of people these days, my wife included, tracking their own health to help get in or stay in shape. Connected lifestyle apps along with wearable tech like Garmin, Fitbits or Apple Watches (other smartwatch brands are available) that can help us track calorie … Read More

WiFi Trends in Bars & Restaurants in 2016

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We like a good infographic here at HM Network. This one came to us today from one of our favourite companies to work with, Purple Ai, highlighting why offering your customers easily accessible, safe secure guest WiFi is an absolute MUST for businesses. In today’s modern world if you are not offering WiFi, it is not only your customers missing out, … Read More

Doing our bit for charity.

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Just doing our bit for Barnardos – All businesses need connectivity of some kind right?. Be it ADSL, Super Fast Fibre, Mobiles and Mobile data, 3G and 4G, M2M SIMs, Ethernet Fibre, EFM, Leased Lines, Wide Area Network, Hosted Voice and VoIP, Business or Retail WiFi…. you get the idea. If you are a business wanting a professional comms review … Read More

Is it time to review your business internet?

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IT infrastructure costs can spiral when companies don’t pay attention to what they are spending on. There are very few jobs these days where staff do not need a new computer, laptop or device at least every couple of years. As technology evolves and the importance of staying connected increases so too do the associated costs. What’s more, the emergence … Read More

Telecommuting on the rise

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Employers and employees across the world are embracing telecommuting as an integral aspect of workplace dynamics. With a greater understanding of the needs of work/life balance and improvements in connectivity, companies are opening up to the fact that telecommuting can help drive growth and profitability. The days of bosses expecting staff to be tied to their desks from 9 til … Read More

BT Shop

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If you are considering upgrading your connectivity it is very likely that you may also be thinking about upgrading some of your equipment too. Whether you are looking for a new computer for the office, gaming peripherals for the kids, tablets, storage devices, displays, or networking products to get your home or business connected, then visit our friends over at BT … Read More